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Governing Council




Council Members   

Bec Habner

Guy MacGillivray

Ryan Boot

Mel Degner

Darryl Holley

Donna Bagshaw

Emma Hancock

Dinah Lance

Tegan Modra

Lacey Nash

Anika Swaffer

David Elliott

Tara Puckridge

Ashlee Harris

Leanne Stephenson

Jessica Jolly

Mark Modra

Vanessa Boehm

The role of the Governing Council for Cummins Area School is to work with the Principal to help set and monitor the direction of the school, preschool and rural care. Through governance the council helps create an environment where students and staff can achieve success, and the school site can continue to maintain a high standard of educational development.

The Governing Council is made up of parents, principal, teachers, student voice representatives, and community members.

There are several sub committees within the council including Ag, Chaplaincy, Preschool/Rural Care, Canteen, Bus, Uniform and Curriculum. Council members engage with staff, students, volunteers, the education department, and wider community through these committees.

The Governing Council meets twice a term, and the AGM is held in the first term of the school year. Sub committees meet at different times throughout the year.

Parents and the wider community are welcome to contact the Governing Council with feedback, suggestions, or issues they might like to raise.

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